Ishtar Medica Scientific Bureau, a brief:

Is a private company specialized in importing, marketing and distributing of medicines and medical appliances in Iraq. It is a registered company in the ministry of health in Iraq as well as the Syndicate of Iraqi Pharmacist (Reg No.: 199). Our targeted health-oriented institutes are ranging from private companies represented by medicines warehouses and private hospitals to public-based health centres such as government hospitals in the entire area of Iraq.

To date, we have successfully established several partnerships with pharmaceutical manufacturing all around the world (Southeast Asia, Europe and Middle East) to be their only representative in Iraq. As a part from our future plan, there is always an interest to extend our work by inviting and encouraging other pharmaceutical and medical companies to invest in the Iraqi market.

Apart from our daily routine tasks, such as marketing of new medicines, order fulfillment, and logistical services, we believe that marking and distributing of medicines and medical appliances is not a trivial task, hence; we are, from the beginning, run this task with the aid of research-based studies that are conducing continuously by our staff in order to understand the needs and the nature of the Iraqi market. By doing this, we have reached the satisfaction of both the Iraqi market and the required annual target of the pharmaceutical manufactures that we exclusively represent.

Ishtar Medica Scientific Bureau will always be looking forward for a new cooperation by establishing strong partnerships with international pharmaceutical and medical companies that have an intrest to enter the Iraqi market. For More inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Company Organisational Chart:


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